Video is taking the web by storm.  With the advent of stream-on-demand and the proliferation of videos across social media and various devices, video is quickly becoming the preferred way of consuming content online.  But how can you use this to your marketing advantage?  Let’s take a closer look at how video can eclipse design and even copy as the most versatile tool in your marketing arsenal.

Improved Search Engine Results

Want a shortcut to the front page of Google?  Make a video.  Videos are 53 times more likely to snag a front page placement than websites according to ComScore. Now, there’s no guarantee here, but a premium quality, relevant video will catch the user’s eye far quicker than reading a wall of text. And if you’re in a hyper competitive industry, video could be the edge you need to move ahead of the pack.

Audiences are Ten Times More Likely to Share and Engage with Video

A report from the Content Marketing Institute shows that versus your typical blog or social media post, audiences were up to ten times more likely to engage, embed and otherwise interact with video.  With the leverage of auto-play videos on Facebook, being able to share, comment and like on video makes it a powerful viral marketing tool.  Of course, this also means that if you’re looking to leverage video marketing for your product that it looks less like an ad and more like a part of the user’s lifestyle.

“Lifestyle brands” like Apple and Red Bull use this kind of technique to create perception in the users’ minds and aims to create a perception of their ideal customer “by association.” These kinds of videos make showcasing the product secondary to fulfilling the inner desires of the user. If they can picture themselves owning or using your product before they’ve even taken action – you’ve sold them.

Video Has Measurable Feedback Built Right In

You could tell someone about your awesome new product… or you could tease them with a video.  You could talk about how great your team is, or you could give customers a behind the scenes look at what life is like at your company.  Videos share and say more than text or photos could, making them virtually limitless in terms of their marketing potential and application.

Could you host a Q&A about your product or service over social media? Could you share a video highlighting your product’s benefits at a tradeshow? As you can see, there are a wide range of options for video that text simply can’t compare to.

Video is Ideal for Mobile Marketing

Mobile users are always on the go, and simply don’t have time to read a constant barrage of text. What’s more, many websites are still not mobile responsive, causing issues with text formatting and scrolling on mobile devices.  Video sizing is standard across the web, and can be viewed on even the smallest screens, making it a great way to share information visually across a wide range of smart phones and tablets.

Video Inspires Action

Video, especially animations, can break down complex points into bite-size, actionable pieces that consumers can understand and relate to.  They can learn about the importance of various actions and processes and learn how to apply those points in their work and life. In turn, they’re inspired and moved to act and share that information with others.  In short, they’re taking action based on what they’ve learned, and that action will have a ripple-effect onto others.

Video Empowers Consumers

When a consumer understands a vital concept and takes action based on the information presented, they feel empowered. They gain the confidence they need to make informed decisions.  Their perspective is shifted, their mind is open and they have the details they need to move forward.  That’s a feeling that text simply cannot replicate.  They see just how the item or cause profiled in the video can make an impact in their lives and in the lives of others.  They see core needs being met and expectations being exceeded.  All of these things empower them to do more.

Video Marketing is Here to Stay

As you can see, video marketing is not a trend or a way to game the search engines.  With mobile devices becoming more commonplace, and video available across all our favorite sites and social media, you can expect video marketing to become even more widespread and engaging as marketers work to find the secret “hook” – that special formula that converts casual browser into active viewer.

Want to learn more about making video marketing a part of your promotional campaigns? Reach out to us at ARCreative today to learn how high quality and impressive attention to detail can make your video share more than words.