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Research: Uncovering the Secrets to Visually Engaging and Effective Content

We believe that thorough research is the key to creating visually engaging and effective content. That’s why during the research and development phase, we conduct in-depth research into your competitors, correlated products in the same vertical, and all existing visual materials.

Our team will analyze your competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses and create a visual solution that sets your product apart. We’ll also research correlated products to see how they are being presented visually and identify ways to make your product stand out.

Our professional team can quickly learn and understand even the most complex technologies through our research process. This deep understanding is essential to the project’s success and allows us to create everything including the script and concepts, giving you peace of mind.

In addition to researching your technology, we also conduct research on your target audience. We’ll learn about their demographics, interests, and preferences to understand what kind of visual content will have the most impact on them. This research ensures that we create visuals that will resonate with your target audience and effectively communicate the value of your unique solution.

From Research to Script: Crafting a Compelling Story for Your Product

With the insights and information we have gained from our research, we begin the script writing phase. We use the research we have conducted to craft a script that effectively communicates the value of your product to your target audience.

Our script highlights the key features and benefits of your product and is tailored to engage and educate your target audience. We also include narration text if needed, even though most viewers watch videos with the sound off, we make sure that the information is conveyed visually. Additionally, we include the titles that we want to have during the video. We review the script with you to ensure it meets your objectives and effectively communicates the value of your product.

We also consider the visual elements that will support the story and message in the script, ensuring that the final product is visually engaging and effectively communicates the unique value of your product to your target audience.

Script writing is a crucial phase in the process, as it lays the foundation for the visual content and ensures that it is aligned with the research results. It serves as a bridge between the research phase and the next stages of the process, ensuring a smooth flow and a coherent visual story.

Bringing the Script to Life: Crafting the Visual Story with Our Storyboarding Phase

The storyboard phase is an essential step in the visual content creation process as it provides a visual representation of the flow and pacing of the final video. During this phase, our team will create illustrations of key frames from the video.

These illustrations will depict key moments and scenes from the script and will give you a clear idea of how we intend to convey the messages and information in the final product. This is the first time you will see visual depictions of how we intend to illustrate the messages from the script.

This allows for a collaborative process, where you can provide feedback and make any necessary adjustments before the animation process begins. This ensures that the final product meets your objectives and effectively communicates the value of your product.

The storyboard also allows us to plan the shots and camera angles that will be used in the final animation and also plan the timing of the video in terms of how many seconds each shot should last.

Transforming the Script into a Visual Journey: Our Animatic Phase

The animatic phase builds on the storyboard phase by taking the key frames and adding motion, timing, and audio to create a rough animation of the final video. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments to the pacing and flow of the visual story before proceeding to the final animation process. It also gives you a clear idea of how the final product will look and feel, ensuring that it meets your objectives.

The animatic is a critical step in the animation process because it allows us to make necessary changes before the final animation process, saving valuable time.

The Offline Phase: Finalizing Animations and Timing

The offline phase is an important step in the animation process, as it is where we bring the storyboard and animatic to life through the use of 3D animation software. Our team of experienced animators and artists work with a variety of software solutions to create the 3D models that will be featured in the video. This phase allows us to focus on the final animations, timing, and the overall movement of the objects in the video.

During this phase, you will have the opportunity to review the 3D models and animations without the added elements of materials, lighting, or design. This allows for a clear understanding of how the animations will appear in the final product and allows for any necessary adjustments to be made before moving on to the next phase. This is how we see the animations in our software solutions, and it’s a great opportunity to make sure that everything is working as intended.

The Final Touch: The Designed Frames Phase

The designed frames phase is where we take the 3D models and animations from the offline phase and add in the final elements of materials, lighting, and design. Our team of designers work to create a cohesive visual style that aligns with your brand and effectively communicates the message of your product. Additionally, in this phase you will be able to see the key frames of the animation and gain an understanding of how the final production will look and feel. This includes seeing how your titles and other important elements will appear in the final product, allowing for any necessary adjustments to be made before moving on to the final phase of production.

The Last Step to Perfection: The Online Phase

The online phase marks the final stage in the animation production process, where all elements from the previous phases come together to create a polished and cohesive final product. Our team of experts work on finalizing the animation by adding in sound effects, color correction, and other finishing touches to make sure the animation looks visually stunning and effectively communicates your message.

In this phase, we pay attention to all the small details, such as color correction, lighting, and motion blur to create a final animation that is as realistic as possible. We also work to create the final video in the desired format and resolution, ready for distribution. In addition to the main animation, our team will also create a series of micro videos, each highlighting a specific message or feature of your product, as well as some teaser videos and images for web and print use. These micro content and the main production will be used on your website, social media, conferences, PR, YouTube, education, sales enablement, including email marketing and sales presentations, and more. Our team will work with you to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality and ready for distribution.

"The videos Arcreative made for us explain the complex technologies of our products in a very simple but sophisticated way. We are using them not only in launches but on other digital channels such as YouTube, website, mailing, and so forth."

Ralf Schira, Director global marketing IBA

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