Are some salespeople simply born successful? Or are great salespeople made?  At ARCreative, we believe that true greatness in sales has as much to do with the tools as the people who use them, and that you’re only as good as the tools you have at your disposal. So what does video have to do with it?  Video is a sales tool like any other, but how can you use it successfully? Let’s take a look:

You’ve Got 10 Seconds

One out of five of your visitors will click away from your video within the first 10 seconds if it doesn’t have anything to grab their attention.  Today’s viewers have a limited amount of time and an even more limited attention span.  They’re looking for the “Wow!” effect and they won’t hesitate to go elsewhere if you don’t deliver it.

That means your video has to grab their attention immediately. It has to get right to the point and answer the visitor’s inner question “what’s in it for me?” What will your visitors get out of watching your video? Will they be informed? Entertained? Motivated? Curious? Whatever that feeling is, great video can make it happen.

Focus on Storytelling, Not Story”selling”

One of the biggest mistakes that salespeople and marketers alike make is peppering their video with sales messages – thinking that the longer they have the user’s attention, the more they can pressure and pitch them with a marketing message.  That’s not the case at all.

When you look at it, a consumer’s attention being given to your video is a privilege, and you should treat it well. Explaining the benefits of your product or service, and how they feature into the user’s life, well-being or other situation is crucial to keeping and holding their attention. Make the video focus less on “selling” and more on “telling”.

Attract and Hold the Attention of Visual Learners

As many as 65% of your viewers are primarily visual learners. They absorb information by way of watching it or seeing how it’s done. 3D-style, animated or “break down” videos are an ideal way to improve your sales, as they show the process or product in specific detail, so that viewers can see how each component works, or see each piece as part of a bigger picture.  Things that might have previously been unclear or uncertain are made easy to understand. Even complex designs, machinery or devices can illustrate a point and encourage the user to want to learn more.

Even if your user has never attempted the specific process, or is content with their current product choice (from a competitor), you can easily see how the most illustrative video can plant a seed in their mind of something better.

Create a Series

This is perhaps the most important aspect, particularly if you have multiple products or solution.  To create an underlying “brand message” or voice is a crucial and integral part of successful sales – but often it is completely forgotten when it comes to making video.  Don’t neglect your brand – especially in a presentation.  But make it more of a background presentation and less of a key focus.

Creating a series is a great way to tie your videos together.  For example, if you sell a medical device, you could have videos created that would:

  • Show its purpose in a medical setting
  • Show its benefits to the patient
  • Show how it works/how it’s used
  • Show the variety of ways it can be used

And that’s just a few of the many options available.  Having a series will complement your brand and unify your message in a way that few other types of media can.  And by working with the team at ARCreative, you’re assured of a finished product that’s flawless from start to finish.

To learn more about our comprehensive 3D video and illustrative video solutions, contact us today and tell us about your vision for your product or service.  We’ll work with you to conceptualize, create, produce and render your finished product so that the final result won’t just educate and inform, but also exceed your expectations.