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Why You Must Have the Right Medical Animation When Launching a Product

When launching a new medical device or platform, the very first crucial step is to be able to grab attention. And the best way to do that is through video and animation. With the right approach, video can convert extremely well. In fact, studies reveal that viewers are as much as 85% more likely to buy after watching a video. Done right, great videos and animations can inspire, motivate, educate and engage in a way that images simply can’t.

So how can the right medical animation help? Let’s take a closer look:

It Helps to Explain Your Device or Platform

The right medical animation offers an excellent opportunity to share the benefits of your product in a way that’s direct and easy to understand. These types of “explainer videos” can also help break down features and benefits for key decision makers. A solid animation can also serve to tease soon to be released products as well.

However, in order to convey these benefits through an animation, it’s not enough to explain the features directly in your video. No one wants to read, watch or listen to a bulleted list. That’s why the best medical animations and videos first illustrate the problem faced by the specialist or physician. It then leads into how your product solves that issue through its features. Done right, a good animation serves to explain not only how the device works, but also why it’s imperative that the clinic or hospital upgrade their equipment now to the latest and greatest technology.

Don’t forget to further reinforce the importance of your product launch with information about your brand and your goals with the launch of this device. Who is it for? How can it help them to have a better experience? When will it launch?

Last, but certainly not least, end with a call-to-action. If the product is not yet launched, offer viewers the opportunity to sign up for a waiting list to get notified when the device goes live. You can even add a greater impetus to sign up by combining your animation and waiting list lead capture form with a free webinar that allows for interested participants to learn more about the product in greater detail than what an animation can convey.

It Gives You the Opportunity to Answer Questions

Your medical device animation in and of itself is sure to generate interest within your target audience, and with that interest comes questions. How is it used? Which type of patient can best benefit from it? How does it integrate with other devices? In these cases, an animation can be used to give an “inside look” while addressing questions. By illustrating certain functionality, the medical device animation not only looks good, but it answers the most common questions before they’ve even been asked.

This medical animation video is also the perfect time to include any use cases, scientific studies or other evidence to bolster the claims of your medical device and demonstrate its wide appeal to its intended audience.

You Get to Show, Not Just Tell

With medical device animation, you’re not just introducing your product or device, you’re telling a powerful story. The medical device industry can be a complex one, with lots of technical parts involved. Furthermore, it can be hard for prospects to fully visualize, for example, a product being injected under the skin even if the procedure is relatively simple and commonplace.

The right medical device animation not only illustrates this but allows you to break it down further; all the way down to a cellular level if necessary. In addition, medical device animation can also be repurposed across many different types of content, including micro content like teaser videos, webinars, video introductions and much more, each tailored toward different audiences. This allows you to maximize your investment while also reaching different potential users at different stages of the sales funnel.

You Can Avoid the Hard Sell

No one wants to (willingly) sit through a sales presentation, no matter what you have to offer. In the medical device industry, this was the norm for many, many years. Fortunately, times have changed and much greater emphasis is placed on the overall customer experience. They’re not just investing in a device or a platform, but rather an improved quality of life for all of their patients and the people who treat them.

Avoiding the hard sale makes everyone feel much more at ease, interested and engaged in the presentation as a whole. Who knew a detailed animation could do so much?

You Can Train Your Sales Team

Last but certainly not least when it comes to having the right medical device animation, remember that a high quality animation can also serve as a sales tool. Training is a key aspect of any product launch, and as such, your team needs to be well-versed in not only the technology behind the device, but how it works, who it helps, and why it’s important to make it an integral part of any healthcare setting.

By equipping your representatives with premium-grade animations, you help them to present a more convincing and interesting concept to decision makers and greatly increase the chances of buy-in from the hospital or clinic as a whole.

The Best Medical Device Animation Ideas

Depending on what you have to offer, an animation can be used in a variety of contexts. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to spark your creativity:

How Does the Device Make Life Easier for Patients?

An easy-to-understand animation coupled with a professional voiceover can present your device specifications and benefits in a way that’s easy to understand at-a-glance.

How Does the Device Work?

An animation that demonstrates the functionality of the device complete with callouts highlighting key points helps provide a visual overview in a way that’s not high-pressure or salesy.

Illustrate a Treatment

Give key decision-makers an animated overview of how a certain treatment is conducted, including details on the procedure itself and the role that the device plays.

Safety and Peace of Mind

In some ordinarily risky surgeries, having an animation that illustrates the safe use of the device compared to previous processes can deliver a great deal of peace of mind to both the patient and the hospital.

Instructional Walkthroughs

The right animated medical device video can provide an instructional demonstration that simplifies processes to make them easier for a larger group to understand beyond the surgeon or specialist undertaking the task.

What Happens Inside?

Sometimes, in order to see the full magnitude of how a device works, we need to have an inside look. The right kind of animation showing the healing process taking place from within can help elaborate on a procedure by showing the internal process in greater detail.

Quality Inside
Beyond the device itself, the individual parts that make it up can be just as important as a way of showcasing its quality. Unique construction, specific formulations or components all add value to the product, and an animation is an excellent way to demonstrate that the device exudes quality inside and out.

What Happens if You Don’t Use the Right Medical Device Animation?

There are plenty of avenues you can pursue in order to get an animated presentation of your medical device. However, as with many investments in your marketing and the showcase of your product, quality vastly affects perception.

Unfortunately, this perception can spill over into assumptions about your product or device. An animation that is made quickly or doesn’t fully explain how the device works creates more questions than answers, and people will wrongly assume that the device is somehow cheap, faulty or of poor quality as a result.

That’s why it’s best to work with the experts. In this way you can get truly stylish, advanced, unique and professional-grade animations to fully capture your vision and your product in even the smallest detail. Contact the experts at ARCreative today to learn more and let our leading-edge medical device animation professionals work with you to capture the perfect style for your product launch!


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